Over 20 girls participated in the clinic to promote girl empowerment through mental and physical health workshops 

 On Sunday, June 11, Kaiser Permanente joined the San Diego Wave Fútbol Club (Wave FC) in hosting the second “Wave of Wellness” Fit Clinic at Surf Sports Park in Del Mar, California. The clinic hosted over 20 young girls from under-resourced communities within San Diego, offering a unique platform for girls to explore the importance of physical and mental well-being on the field and in their everyday life.  

“In the past year, the collaboration between Kaiser Permanente and Wave FC represents a shared commitment towards empowering youth, especially young girls, through comprehensive sideline health care on the field and community health initiatives for the public,” said Michelle Gaskill-Hames, interim regional president of Kaiser Permanente Southern California and Hawaii. “The Wave of Wellness Fit clinics are one of many initiatives we have planned in collaboration with Wave FC. I am confident that our actions can help pave the way for our younger generations, where we seamlessly integrate physical and mental well-being, creating a powerful wave of wellness among the next generation.” 

The collaborative event provided participating youth with a comprehensive experience that combines soccer drills, physical fitness activities, and insightful discussions and workshops on mental health. As Wave FC’s Trusted Team Physicians and Official Health Care partner for the 2023 season, two Kaiser Permanente clinicians led mental health workshops and discussions on common youth stressors, balancing daily stress, participating in physical activity and managing the use of social media.  

“Our partnership with Kaiser Permanente allows us to go beyond the games on the field and prioritize the overall well-being of our local community,” said San Diego Wave FC President Jill Ellis. “We hope to nurture our youth’s growth as individuals. Together, I believe we can create an empowering environment to support long-term happiness and fulfillment.” 

“I am proud to contribute my knowledge to the Wave of Wellness Fit Clinic. This is an impactful initiative in which I hope to inspire the importance of prioritizing mental health, especially for our younger generations,” said Katie Ahearn-Edwards, director of psychiatry, addiction medicine at Kaiser Permanente San Diego. “The goal of our wellness workshops is to help inspire this group of youth through practical guidance and support, foster mental resilience and optimal well-being.” 

Kaiser Permanente’s ongoing partnership with Wave FC represents a shared vision of making a positive impact in the Southern California Community, with a refined focus on mental wellness, health equity, women’s health, total health programming for local youth, and nutrition and access to healthy foods.