Wave of Good for All of San Diego

The city of San Diego doesn’t need a team to equal others. We are here for something bigger than that. Mucho más grande que eso. We’re here to make our city proud on and off the field. To inspire fans to be who they are and stand with our community, ready to take one in the face, if necessary. We’re here to team up with those who’ve had to come from behind their whole lives. So let’s put our Wave jersey on and challenge ourselves to be great. Every day, every minute, every second of the game. Of our lives. Let’s be the team with fans who show up when we need them because we showed up when they needed us.The team that knows reaching the next level can only be done if we play together.

We will be the San Diego team that gets passed on from generation to generation, not from city to city. A Wave recedes only to come back greater and stronger time and time again. A Wave of good and inclusion so inspiring that greater San Diego and beyond can’t help but get up and join.

Because… Together Somos Greater


Next Match

  • Friday, Sept. 30th

    7pm PT

    VS. North Carolina Courage




Wave FC is committed to being a force for good through the game we love and having an impact in our community.

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Youth Soccer

Wave FC is committed to lifting up the youth soccer community in and around San Diego.

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Themed Matches

A fun night dedicated to shining a light on the diversity and the passion of our community while benefiting charities.

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