San Diego Wave FC will issue media credentials to working members of the media representing recognized media outlets in the business of news gathering and sports reporting as a primary function of their business. These types of media outlets eligible for credentials include:

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Wire Services
  • Websites
  • Sport-Specific Publications
  • Television
  • Radio

All media credentials and parking passes are non-transferrable and distributed at the discretion of the San Diego Wave FC Communications staff. Media members who receive credentials must be on assignment for a reputable media organization. Any freelance photographer or reporter must be able to submit an assignment letter from a news outlet if requested.

San Diego Wave FC may prioritize working media credential requests using the following factors among others:

  • Broadcast partners, including television and radio personnel responsible for live broadcast of National Women’s Soccer League and/or San Diego Wave FC
  • Full-time local beat reporters who cover the team on a daily basis for large-scale local print and broadcast outlets, including newspapers, wire services, radio stations and television affiliates
  • Full-time radio and television personnel producing reports on San Diego Wave FC matches
  • Large-scale national outlets, including national newspapers, magazines, television stations, websites and more

In the case of independent online representatives, San Diego Wave FC will consider media credential applications who have a history of professional journalism and have an established body of work on a consistent basis. Media credentials will not be issued to independent online media representatives whose websites aggregate content as their main source of information. Credential applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The following will be considered and factored regarding independent online representatives:

  • History of professional journalism experience
  • Demonstrates a professional standard and transparency, as determined by National Women’s Soccer League and San Diego Wave FC 
  • Established body of work covering National Women’s Soccer League and/or San Diego Wave FC  as proven by the amount of regularly produced original content. Wave FC Communications department has the right to request published bodies of work. 
  • Quantifiable weekly and monthly number of unique visitor traffic data based on a recognized objective measurement company
  • Duration of online entity covering National Women’s Soccer League and San Diego Wave FC  (suggested period of at least three years)

Credentials must be worn and visible at all times during match day. Credentialed media will receive admission to the event, access to media work areas and access to the locker rooms, if necessary. Misuse of a San Diego Wave FC media credential will result in the immediate loss of the credential, removal from the media areas and the possible loss of credential privileges for future matches.