Single game credential applications for 2024 season will open soon. Season credential applications can be submitted here.

  • Media members may apply for single-game match credentials here.
  • Credential applications must be submitted no later than 72 hours from match kickoff and are only for media outlets that need game day Press Box and/or Field access to produce editorial coverage, not to watch the match.
  • This includes newspapers, TV, radio and legitimate digital websites that produce consistent and professional content adhering to accepted journalistic principles. The Club does not provide credentials for personal social media channel coverage unless previously discussed and approved by the Communications Team. 
  • Credentials and seating space in the Press Box are limited and priority will be given to those working on a deadline.
  • Applications from freelance writers, photographers or videographers must come from a direct supervisor validating professional and editorial need for media access. All applications using a personal email address, such as Gmail or Hotmail, must provide validation from their outlet.
  • The credential application will open 4-6 weeks before each match date. For travel or scheduling purposes, if you require approval to future dates that are not listed, please contact Megan O’Keefe ([email protected]).

Media Attire

  • While on assignment at either training or match day, media is expected to dress professionally, meaning no jerseys or team representation of any kind.
  • Failure to comply may result in loss of credential


  • Media members may not use credential for preferential access, such as autographs, photographs or personal requests.
  • Violation will result in immediate loss of credential for any future match.

Non-Access Area Reporting

  • Media members may only report on or capture information during designated media areas and media access times
  • Designated areas include: the pitch and the press conference room 
  • The NWSL has a no locker room access policy for postgame. Any media in the locker room will be asked to leave and will result in loss of credential. 
  • Restricted areas include, but are not limited to: locker room, parking lots, the concourse, training/stadium lobbies, common areas. 
    • Request to capture content in these areas may be submitted to the Communications Team no later than 24 hours prior to requested access
  • Reporting on any information captured outside of these times/area may result in loss of credential
    • i.e.: Any information intended for players, coaches and staff that is posted in or dispersed throughout Wave FC facilities (such as memos/notes in lockers or signs hanging in the building) may not be reported, photographed or captured on video.


Training Schedules

  • Training schedules are distributed weekly through email.
  • For information on subscribing to San Diego Wave FC schedules, please contact the Communications team at [email protected]. A weekly schedule will also be sent to local news desks via email.
  • Unless otherwise noted, media members will have access to a 15-minute window of training.
  • Media members interested in attending training are asked to RSVP in advance to Megan O’Keefe ([email protected]) or Justyne Freud ([email protected]).

Interview Access: Players

  • During the regular season, select player(s) will be made available on a weekly basis at the Club’s training facility.
  • Additional players may be available for interviews during the NWSL mandated media availability portion of training, with advanced notice.
  • Media members with training requests are asked to RSVP 24 hours in advance to Megan O’Keefe ([email protected]) or Justyne Freud ([email protected]). 

Interview Access: Head Coach

  • During the regular season, the Wave’s head coach will be made available to the media on designated days, as noted by the team’s weekly training calendar.
  • The head coach can be made available for one-on-one meetings on an individual basis by Megan O’Keefe ([email protected]). 

Live Video Policy

  • For portions of on-field training open to members of the media, attendees may use their cell phones/cameras to record b-roll for editorial purposes, but at no point during the team’s session may they transmit live/streaming video footage including video for television and/or mobile and web-based programs.
  • During media access windows at training, only Club personnel and broadcast rights holders may transmit live video from designated media access points.
  • All transmissions of live video for TV stand-ups outside of the training facility in designated media access zones must be pre-arranged and facilitated by a member of the Communications team.

Access Restrictions

  • The Club’s Communications teams reserves the right to limit access to portions of training without notice.
  • Media members will receive additional time to fulfill 15 minute access period, if necessary.


Parking Passes

  • Complimentary parking passes are limited and will be distributed on a game-by-game basis. Season-credentialed media must RSVP no less than 48 hours before kickoff to receive a parking pass.
  • Members of the media that have been approved for single-game credentials will receive a parking pass upon availability. Lots may vary.
  • TV Trucks: Parking spots closer to Snapdragon Stadium are very limited and are available on a first come, first serve basis. Please contact the Communications team in advance for accommodations.

Media Will Call & Entering Snapdragon Stadium

  • After parking, please proceed to the Media Entrance at the Northwest gate. 
  • All media members must check-in for each match through the Media Press entrance. Photo ID is required for admission.
  • Media check-in will open two (2) hours prior to kickoff unless otherwise noted.
  • Credentials MUST be worn and visible at all times. Please report lost credentials immediately to a member of the Communications team.
  • Photographers and videographers will receive field bibs at media check-in and must be worn at all times while on the field.
  • Bibs must be returned to the Press Conference Room before leaving the stadium. Bibs are mandated for all press that is on field level. Additional details regarding access will be sent on a game-by-game basis. 
  • Press box seating assignments for reporters will be listed in the Press Box.

On-Field Guidelines

  • Only properly credentialed members of the media may access the field area.
  • Media will access the field through the tunnel in the southwest corner of Snapdragon Stadium.
  • Under no circumstance may media members capture live or still video while inside of the tunnel. Doing so may result in immediate loss of credential.
  • Media members will not be allowed to access the tunnel while team personnel is entering or exiting the field. A member of the Communications staff will briefly hold media members during these times.
  • Media members will be asked to stay on one endline during match play, however the concourse may be used if necessary.
  • Due to space constraints, the west sideline is strictly off limits.
  • Bibs must be worn at all times while on the field. No exceptions.
  • Media may exit the field through the tunnel below section C124 (near the south 18-yard-line) and go directly to the Press Conference Room following the final whistle. 

Pre-Game Ceremonies

  • A member of the Communications staff will escort photographers and videographers to the west midfield sideline for pregame ceremonies, such as 100 appearance celebrations. There will be two clearly roped photography areas. 
  • During warm-ups, media members are free to move on both the north and south endlines. Media members can switch between endlines during warm-ups but are forbidden from stopping anywhere on the west sideline or near the team benches and must take the east sideline route.

In-Game Video/Photo Guidelines

  • On-field photographers and videographers will receive assigned seating for each match. Seats may not be moved or repositioned without approval from the Communications team. 
  • Due to limited sideline space at Snapdragon Stadium, photographers and videographers may only shoot from behind the field boards.
  • Under no circumstance can media members sit in front of the field boards.
  • There is no photo access behind the goals without prior approval from a member of the Communications team.
  • Photographers may only shoot competition from the field. Areas barred from competition photography include the stands, the press box and the concourse. The technical area and sidelines are off limits to media without prior approval from Megan O’Keefe ([email protected]) and Justyne Freud ([email protected]) of the Communications team.
  • Media members may request to shoot in the stands or concourse by contacting the Communications team with at least 48-hours notice.
  • Photographers and videographers are not allowed to shoot inside of the six-yard box.

Post-Game Media Field Access

  • The Wave does not permit post-game field access for player interviews at home or on the road, with the exception of Rights Holder interviews and the Club’s internal team.
  • Following the conclusion of the match, media members must clear the field as soon as possible. Photographers/videographers may not enter the field of play or follow players during post-game activities.
  • If media members wish to shoot a stand-up from the field postgame, they must get approval from Megan O’Keefe ([email protected]) or Justyne Freud ([email protected]) of the Communications team before shooting. 

Post-Game Player/Coach Access

  • Media availability will be held approximately 15 minutes following the final whistle in the Press Conference Room with the San Diego Wave FC head coach and player(s). There is no locker room availability for media under any circumstances.
  • Additional post-game interviews, with home or away players, can be requested through the Communications team and will take place in the Press Conference Room or in the main tunnel immediately following the press conference. These requests can be declined based on player availability, but the Communications team will do their best to provide any requests. 


General Information

  • All photographers and television camera operators must remain seated behind the field boards at all times, unless released by the on-site photo marshal.
  • Bibs must be worn and visible at all times while on the field.
  • Photographers must remain seated during gameplay and may only move to leave the field. Seats will be provided and may not be moved or repositioned without approval from Megan O’Keefe ([email protected]) and Justyne Freud ([email protected]) of the Communications team.
  • The only exception to the field board rule will be when a staff photographer, a national rights-holder, or the NWSL has a crew at a game. These entities will be allowed to shoot in assigned areas between the top of the 18-yard box and the end line.
  • Tripods and monopods must be lowered to be at or just above the height of the field boards, as to not block fan sightlines.
  • Stand-alone remote units will not be permitted at any time on or around the goal posts. Units mounted on the top of field boards behind the end line will be permitted at the Club’s discretion, provided the equipment does not interfere with the clear display of the field board and does not impede the operation of broadcast equipment or fan sightlines.
  • Photographers looking to position a remote-controlled camera behind the goal must receive approval from the Communications team prior to game day.
  • Media members must remain behind the fans seated in the field club area on the east side of the stadium 

Non-Rights Holder Videographer Access

  • Non-rights holders, including local affiliates of rights holders, may only videotape the first 15 minutes of each half during all San Diego Wave FC matches.
  • Following the 15-minute access period, videographers must exit the field and head to the Press Conference Room/Photo Work Room or stay in their designated area with camera on the ground. 

Videographer Seating

  • Videographers are asked to remain seated in an assigned seat on either endline. In order to limit the obstruction to fan sightlines, cameras may not be raised higher than the top of the field boards.
  • Videographers wishing to stand are asked to contact a member of the Communications team prior to gameday for proper accommodation.  

Photo Work Room

  • This space is accessible through the southwest tunnel and is located just past the visiting locker room towards the yellow parking lot. Space is limited and can be used on a first come, first serve basis.


  • Media members with field access must use professional equipment during matches. Mobile, handheld or “point-and-shoot” style cameras are not permitted. 
  • Unauthorized use may result in denial of access and/or removal from the field.
  • Cell phones may not be used as an on-field recording device unless approved by the Club or NWSL Communications.

Wire Service Accreditation

  • NWSL does not permit the accreditation of photographers shooting specifically for commercial agencies other than official photography providers (USA Today Sports Images/ISI Photos). However, since many agencies offer editorial and commercial sales options (Getty Images, AP, Reuters, etc.) this must be handled on a case-by-case basis and requires pre-approval from the Communications team.


  • During match action, only Club personnel and broadcast rights-holders may transmit live video footage from Snapdragon Stadium during official match play.
  • Non-rights holders may record video of game action for highlights during access periods, but at no point during match action may they transmit live/streaming video footage, including video for television and/or mobile and web-based programs.
  • All transmissions of live video for TV stand-ups pre/post-match must be in designated media access zones and must be pre-arranged and facilitated by a member of the Communications team.


  • During post-game media access, members of the media not recording video may be asked to slightly alter their standing position to allow for approved video recordings of the interview.
  • Members of the media may use their video recording devices, including cell phones and digital cameras, for approved interviews only (no b-roll allowed) and are not permitted to take still photos.
  • Only Club personnel and Club broadcast rights-holders may transmit live video footage of interviews from the Club’s locker room during designated League-mandated media access windows. This policy includes live/streaming video for television and/or mobile and web-based programs.